Monday, November 24, 2008

I am Back!

On my journey that I started last year! I fell off for a little, circumstances, issues that led me to believe that I needed to pull away from the very God who was pulling me that much closer! I am back! Full force! This walk is not an easy one; it was never promised to be, but I am going to do it because God has asked this of me!

All the while I'm thinking things are going bad because God is allowing them no! Things fall apart when you pull away and your relationship suffers with the One and only One who will be with you FOREVER!!!

God really has something special for me and I am not going to mess this up! (at least try not to, lol!) We all fall, but God is always there to pick us[me] up!

When things get hazy, too much or overwhelming, get on your knees and pray! PRAY! Stick it out! You are there for a reason! He has something so special planned and He is just getting you(me) ready for the major task that only you(I) can do!

Life isn't all peaches and cream , but you know what, it could be A LOT worse and I am thankful for that!!! The Lord keeps waking me up and blessing me to see brand new days; new days to get right!

Bottom line, God is never, will never and has never left me, it was me who was doing the pulling away - no more!

You ever notice how you cling to God so much more during troubles, trials, storms, but then when they pass, you think you are in the clear so your relationship with Him kind of slacks off? Then you wonder why you find yourself back in another storm so soon after you seemingly just got out of one? God uses all of those circumstances to bring us closer to Him, so he likes when we are near Him and TRUST in Him. He is teaching us to not only cling to Him during the troubled times, but during those beautiful times when He blesses us beyond measure and we have NO idea how we made it through!

I love the Lord! There is no way I could have made it through yesterday and woke up with a smile and burdens lifted off of me without His love and gentle whisper that everything will be ok if I only just believe and trust!

Good morning and have a blessed day!!!

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