Monday, January 26, 2009

You're Not supposed to Worry

Stress? Anxiety? Worry? - All things we are to give to God because He said we can cast our cares/burdens on Him. He also said if we seek Him, He will give us PERFECT peace....So why can't I let go of this mess that is bothering me?

Because I'm stubborn? Because I just LOVE feeling this way? uh, no! Because it seems oh, so BIG. I know, I know, God is bigger than anything we could ever encounter. Plus, we are not to focus on the circumstances, but seek God. Maybe that is what is wrong. I haven't fully been seeking God.

That's what happens. Things go bad, I seek and seek and pray and pray! God comes through, and i am thankful. I praise Him and thank Him. Then boom! something else happens, I seek and pray - repeat cycle. But then, perhaps I get lax, because I feel really good. And am very thankful and well, I get lax.

Now, I'm in another situation - they seem to come weekly, if not daily - where tomorrow, the outcome of said situation will mean a whole lot. Talk about pressure, worry, stress, feeling awful etc, etc!

I've been feeling all types of ways these past two days and today is no different. I am seriously worried. But that verse comes to mind, you know - Who of you can add a single hour to their life by worrying? - seriously.

Sometimes it's real easy to put it all on God and go on with my day praising Him and doing my work. But this one, for some reason I can't fully get rid of it, get it off my mind and I certainly haven't given it fully to God. I wish i could, but I can't seem to get there, weird right? ugh.

I want this day to be over so tomorrow can come. But then I'm reminded of that other verse, you know the one - do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself - AH! it is clearly laid out in the Word what we are to do. So, I guess I am being disobedient, but not intentionally.

Don't get me wrong, God has been exceptionally outstanding to me and my past situations and in no way am I complaining. I am simply stressed. That's all. It's taking its toll.

I know everything will be ok because "All things work for the good of those who love the Lord" - I know you know all these verses. maybe I should let them comfort me!

Just sharing. Hoping you all are having a blessed day, and if not, give it to God, he will take it all away and give you a brighter day!

xoxo B